Ati “Imwe mayo iseni kuno munshitileko umunani, nalimitambila kale”, said a Young Male Nurse in Kasama.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu says he is alarmed at reports of lack of privacy by young male-midwives that deliver elderly and young expectant mothers.

The Mwine Lubemba says the situation is therefore forcing old pregnant ladies in his chiefdom to shun antenatal services as they feel shy being attended to by uncultured younger male-midwives. The chief however said young girls feel good being attended to by the same young male nurses but they are also shunning because of these same male nurses telling people that ‘ulya nalimutambila pakumupapisha’.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said this when a team of officials from the Health Professions Council of Zambia, or HPCZ, led by its Principal Registrar, Dr. Aaron Mujajati, paid him a courtesy call.

“We have young male nurses that get excited upon seeing female patients’ nakedness. They even narrate what they have seen to their friends in the village whom in turn start laughing at our married women”, said the Paramount Chief.
The chief said this after one drunk young male nurse aged 22 was telling a 35 year old married woman with 4 children whom he assisted to deliver saying ati “Imwe mayo iseni kuno munshitileko umunani, nalimitambila kale”. That annoyed the husband and children who attempted to beat up the nurse.

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