Ndola has recorded the presence of fall army worms in selected farming areas of the district.


Ndola District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) Henry Matola confirmed this to ZANIS saying the situation is however manageable as most farmers have employed the use of recommended chemicals to fight army works.


And the Ndola City Council through the District Agriculture Coordinating Office has set up traps in eight agricultural camps across the district in an effort to detect the levels of infestations and sensitize the farmers to take necessary measures to reduce the population of the pest.


The traps have been set up in designated parts of Ndola such as Muchinka, Kaniki, Chichele, Kafubu and Misundu farming areas.


This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS by Ndola City Council (NCC) Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza today.


Ms. Mwanza said NCC has since urged local farmers to employ early spraying of chemicals such as cypermethrin, termoforce and lamda on their maize crops in order to combat the destructive insects.


She said farmers should spray their crops immediately they see the pests in their fields and urged them to regularly inspect the crops.


She said if left uncontrolled, the fall army worms can to destroy the crop completely.


And Ms. Mwanza disclosed that the depositing of farmers’ contributions for them to access seed and fertiliser under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) ended on January 11, 2019.


Ms. Mwanza said a total of 8,396 farmers made their contributions resulting in 97 percent of the targeted 8,609 farmers in Ndola district.

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