Ngabwe District Health Director (DHD), Frederick Katongi, says the district lack Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnosis Services for early detection and treatment of the disease.

Dr.Katongi said many cases are referred to Kabwe General Hospital due to lack of equipment and electricity leaving the patients to travel long distances to access the services.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe yesterday, Dr. Katongi said lack of TB diagnostic equipment is hampering effective disease management and treatment in the district.

He said the district medical office is faced with the challenge of taking samples to Kabwe General Hospital and bemoaned that some samples go missing in the process.

“We have challenge of collecting samples and taking them to Kabwe General Hospital and some samples go missing in the process because of the long distance while at times samples don’t reach in their actual state,” he said.

Dr. Katongi said Ngabwe district can only take sputum and refer them to Kabwe General Hospital for further examinations due to lack of electricity.

Dr. Katongi who was speaking ahead of the 2018 World TB Day Commemoration that falls on March 24th, disclosed that the district cannot do X-ray and other services locally because the district is not connected to power electricity supply.

He added that as part of the commemorations, officers will be stationed in all health facilities for TB screening and collection of samples.

Dr. Katongi has urged Ngabwe residents take advantage of the screening services by going to nearest health facilities and get screened.

He has also called for sustained sensitizations through schools to raise awareness on TB among the community members.

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