Zambezi District Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education committee has commended  Kakeki and Mukunu’ communities for their commitment in ensuring that  Nyakulenga Chiefdom becomes open defecation free.

Speaking during orientation program of Sanitation action group in kakeki and Mukunu’ areas today, Zambezi District Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education Committee Coordinator Isabel Kalaluka said good sanitation should be every household priority, to help curb diseases that are associated with open defecation.

Ms Kalaluka said a lot of people in communities have died as a result of poor sanitation, especially those living in villages, citing one of the causes to be open defecation which is mostly overlooked by the communities.

She added that open defecation has many problems and not only life threatening but also a danger to animals.

“Please let us work together and ensure that our community is safe by making sure that every household has a proper toilet with good sanitation such as water, soap among others,” she added.

She further urged sanitation action group members to sensitize the community on the importance of having a well-built toilet, adding that this will also help in reducing the spread of diseases caused by open defecation.

Ms Kalaluka further disclosed that government in partnership with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is working tirelessly to ensure that no human life is lost due to open defecation by ensuring that communities have proper sanitation.

She further disclosed that adequate toilets are those that can provide total privacy and that communities should avoid building toilets which expose them to the public while helping themselves.

Meanwhile, Sub Chief Kakeki has thanked government for the program and pledged to work together and ensure that everyone in the community has an acceptable toilet.

The Sub-chief further urged his subjects to adhere to the instructions of Zambezi district water sanitation and hygiene education committee and warned people who will not build decent toilets to face consequences.

“If you fail to follow these simple instructions of having a decent toilet you have me to deal with,” Sub-Chief Kakeaki warned.

Nyakulenga chiefdom is set to become open defecation free by 30 November 2020.

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