The Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) wish to urge the Ministry  of General Education to open the Schools in Lusaka Province on the same date.   This will help the ministry to manage the school calendar more effectively.
The opening of schools based on CHOLERA classifications of epic and non epic areas would bring confusion in the administration of the school calendar and would lead to exclusion and stigmatization of pupils based on location/townships or compounds.
As a country we must not allow ourselves to exclude citizens from attending classes based on locations/townships and unequally provide education especially to the children of rich as the ministry would attempt to bar those coming from the so-called Cholera epicentres which are usually from low income, high density areas.
Government needs to be sensitive to  education geopolitics and ensure that the system does not deliberately and willingly promote inequality in the education sector.
The opening of learning institutions must not be used as litmust test for high performance by the ministry of Health in fighting Cholera while indicators for presence of cholera are still visible and active in high density areas classified as Epicentres, hence the fear to mix the learners coming from the KU Na KWA.
ZCSD therefore insists that our school calendar must be uniform within the province if not nationally.
We further demand that there must Not and never be schools for KU and learning calendar for KU and a different ones for KWA! This would be irresponsible and a worst inequality of our age.
Education is so important and is a Fundamental Human Right that we cannot allow the system to exclude and deny children from low income locations, townships and compounds from learning while those from High Income and low density areas continue to attend classes.
With this consideration, we wish to call on the minister of Education to have schools in Lusaka Province opened on the same day.

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