About 142 United Party for National Development members in Chitwa Ward of Kaoma Central Constituency have defected to Patriotic Front citing poor leadership in the opposition.

Defectors are following their Ward Councillor Kamuti Kamuti who resigned three days ago due to difficulties in implementing developmental projects in his Ward as a result of being in opposition.

Speaking on behalf of other defectors, Ward Youth Chairman Obert Simangolwa in Chitwa Ward of Kaoma Central Constituency observed that their continued stay in opposition is a waste of time at the expense of development.

Mr Simamgolwa said the defectors are ready to work with the ruling Party in order to foster development in the Ward.

And receiving defectors, Kaoma PF acting District chairman Alick Kalimbwe thanked former opposition members for realizing that they were wasting time being in opposition.

Mr Kalimbwe said defections were a clear indication that PF Will carry the day in Chitwa by-election.

But UPND District chairman of Andrew Kakumbi says his party is not shaken by its members defections to the ruling PF.

Mr Kakumbi alleged that people where defecting to the ruling party because of hunger as they have the means.

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