Over 200 traders at Choma’s Makalangunzu market are threatened with possible displacement from their business area located along the Zambia Railways rail lines.

Market Association chairperson Peter Muwamba confirmed the development to ZANIS in Choma today.

The railway firm has started fencing off the land where the railway line is passing, an exercise which is expected to displace traders who were conducting business within the fenced off area.

But Mr. Muwamba said there is little that can be done as the association acknowledges that the land in question belongs to Zambia Railways.

“The association cannot interfere with Zambia Railways’ action,” he said.

Mr. Muwamba admitted that conducting business activities along the rail line was a serious danger to the lives of traders.

He has however urged the affected traders to exercise patience as the association will relocate them to other areas within Makalangunzu market.

However, some affected traders have complained that the move by Zambia railways will leave most of them without places to trade from, thereby depriving them of a source of income.

A trader, Jessica Siamalambo, said the move to put up a fence will leave many traders without places to conduct their business from.

“At this market, it is where we earn money for feeding our families. So where do they expect us to be trading from when they put a fence on our trading places,” she complained.

Zambia railways officials in Choma, who declined to be named, confirmed that the exercise will proceed so as to help protect the lives of the people that have encroached on the rail line area.

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