I cannot defend my party for accumulating debt that is killing our [people, declared former ruling Patriotic Front (PF) deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube.

Speaking during a special programme to launch his book on leadership in Zambia at Radio Phoenix, Fube who is popularly known as KBF charged that some PF leaders were preoccupied with wealth accumulation as opposed to serving the people that voted them into power.

“When I was vice-chairperson for elections in PF, I demanded for a postmortem after the 2016 elections but that did not go well with some leaders. I was declared a rebel and thrown out. I am not even bitter for being called a rebel or removed as vice-chairperson but I feel sorry for whoever take over from me,” said KBF. “We can’t run a political party like a kindergarten. Right now it is difficult to defend my party. It is difficult to defend the debt accrued by government under my party.”

KBF said it was the budget that which was a fundamental problem for the country adding that the PF government was running a loan servicing budget that was killing Zambians.

“When we analyse our budget, the money being channeled to liquidate the loans is killing our people and the country. Many of the leaders find joy in engaging that country into loan obligations for a commission. Remember it is also stealing to engage the country into a loan and get a commission out of it,” charged KBF. “Our past budgets have not been growth budgets but debt servicing budgets. This is killing our people and chocking our country. We can’t progress with this kind of leadership that thrives on loan accumulation.”

KBF noted that PF had enough strategic thinkers to advise President Edgar Lungu on how best to govern the country but that President Lungu was surrounded by people that cheated him.

KBF asked President Lungu to change some of the few individuals who were misleading him to believe that everything was okay in the country as opposed to be told the truth.

“I believe my President is good enough to say that KBF said it to me that things are not okay. We have people that are surrounding the President and are all the time telling him that things are okay. My President must know that things are not okay. Our President needs to be told the truth that not everything is okay,” said KBF. “Our President must change a few people around him. It is the same few individuals who are supposed to be removed that are at the centre of infighting in PF for their own survival.”

When asked when he was fighting to get back into PF leadership, KBF responded: “You will be shocked that the people at the grassroots want me back into PF leadership…our people are suffering and they do appreciate where I am coming from. They are in urgent need for leadership that will change their lives for the better.”

KBF asked Zambians to elect leaders who will stand up to the foreign investors that Zambia was for Zambians and that it was only Zambians who could develop the country.

“The biggest problem is ourselves. We need leadership that will stand up to the investors and tell them that Zambia is for Zambians. Every leader who calls himself or herself as a leader must realize that service comes first,” said KBF. “Some of these individuals will end up in jail. Some of them will go to jail and unfortunately I will end up defending some of them.”

He urged the church to intervene in the intraparty system of governance as it had an effect on national governance systems.

KKF noted that political parties in that country were in the habit of going against the wishes of the grass-root in order to serve the interest of few individuals within the party leadership.

“When you interview and subject the people to the criteria of adoption, the powers that be come in and adopt other people using their own criteria contrary to what the grass-root want, then I beg to question such leadership. The Church must come in to play a role in bringing sanity in our parties and protect the interest of the grass-root,” said KBF.

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