Chikankata District Commissioner Peter Mwiinde is saddened by the continued  political violence emanating from the Patriotic Front (PF) and United party for National Development (UPND).

Mr Mwiinde said when he addressed residents of Kasongo ward that the two political parties should live in harmony and maintain peace.

He  encouraged the two parties to coexist and avoid clashes whenever they meet.

Mr Mwiinde cited President Edgar Lungu as a man who is not interested in politics of violence but is a lover of peace.

“President Lungu is a peace maker and is not interested in politics of violence. I am saddened to hear that always when PF and UPND supporters here meet they are always clashing, we need to coexist even when we have different political views,” he said.

He also advised residents of Kasongo ward  in Chikankata to respect the position of republican president as it is given by God.

“There is no short to becoming Republican President because that is the preserve of God almighty and no amount of shortcuts or tricks works that’s why you people should respect President Lungu,”he said.

During the same meeting, the District Commissioner bemoaned the poor state of the road but promised to engage Sino Hydro Corporation to work on the road.

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