Pizza Hut Zambia management says all its restaurants are set to reopen for business  having fulfilled operation grounds set by the Lusaka City Council (LCC).

According to the company’s Managing Director Joshua Becker, in a statement, the company is grateful to the LCC for its vigilance and dedication to upholding standards for all food outlets in Lusaka.

Mr Becker said Pizza Hut would like to once again apologize to its clients  for the recent closure of its Lusaka restaurants, where expired stock were found on some of its premises by the LCC.

“Food safety is always the top priority at Pizza Hut and a primary focus in all Pizza Hut restaurants around the world.

“ Pizza Hut has strict food & safety protocols with regards to expired stock as well as the labelling and disposal thereof, which will, because of the recent store closures, be monitored far more closely to ensure the full compliance to the global and LCC food & safety regulations, “ he said.

He said this will include continued training of staff members to ensure that the rigorous standards and surveillance routines are adhered to.

Pizza Hut is committed as it always has been to serve our customers with our freshly prepared, made from scratch world famous Pizza’s, and will continue to work closely with the LCC to ensure best practice in Lusaka and in Zambia for the food industry, added Mr. Becker.

We thank our loyal customers for their patience and continued support and look forward to serving you soon as each of the over 80 members of our family work tirelessly to be Zambia’s most loved Pizza restaurant.

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