By Staff Reporter

Infighting has continued and affecting the operations of the Police Service, sources at Police Service headquarters have revealed.

According to sources, the police command is engulfed in battles for promotions and lucrative positions thereby affecting the operations of the police service.

“You may wish to know that Inspector General of Police Kanganja is on contract and he  is literally unable to address this problem,” said a source.” The IG fears to step on the toes of the powers that be because some of the officers have serious connections. There is a general feeling among officers that promotion is based on political connection as opposed to professionalism.”

According to sources, the most affected department is the Police Intelligence unit, which the source said had since been taken over by officers without the necessary training to run the department.

“Many of the increased cases of crime are due to lack of intelligence information. The police intelligence unit has failed to provide the necessary tips because it is managed by ill trained officers,” said a source.

Sources disclosed that Police Commissioner in charge of operations was always in his office as opposed to being in the field overseeing his officers’ operations because he was allegedly not in support of the appointment of the IG.

“There is a serious problem in the police service. It is no longer operating professionally. The IG cannot do anything because some of the officers have serious political connections,” said the sources. “Many of the qualified officers are frustrated because they have either been displaced in positions where their skill is not required. Others have been deployed into rural areas.”

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