Police in Kaoma have launched a manhunt for a witchdoctor behind the moving coffins drama popularly known as Kikonde in local language.

The witchdoctor is said to have gone into hiding after realising that police might pounce on him after the latest event where mourners damaged the official GRZ vehicle belonging to Kaoma District Commissioner Kennedy Mubanga.

Mr Mubanga’s GRZ vehicle was damaged after he issued instructions to soldiers and police to ensure the coffin was buried.

The witchdoctor whose name is not known has been charging members of the public who want to have the coffin of a dead person direct them to the person suspected to have caused the death shortly before burial.

The witchdoctor charges between K1, 500 and K5000 depending on whether relatives of the deceased wanted the coffin to move itself or direct pall bearers to the suspected witch.

This year alone, residents of Kaoma have witness five incidences of coffins containing dead bodies refusing to be burial before directing mourners to the suspected witch or wizard.

The development prompted Kaoma District Commissioner to call on the police and Zambia Army to force burial of the same.

Police launched a manhunt for the witchdoctor as they believed he was behind the riots that had been experienced in Kaoma District.

The police have since called on the members of the public to give information that would lead to the arrest of the witchdoctor.


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