Chavuma District Agriculture Coordinator Peter Maseka has urged farmers in the area to practice crop diversification which he describes as an important mechanism for economic growth.

Mr. Maseka said government has put in place policies that support crop rotation such as the E – voucher system which gives an opportunity to choose any crops they want to cultivate from agro dealers.

He said this yesterday when he officiated at a field day for Chavuma camp in Chikanji area.

He said most farmers that have embraced crop rotation have had improved livelihoods compared to those that produce one type of crop all year round.

Mr. Maseka added that farmers can also purchase chemicals to control pest such as army worms from agro dealers using the E – voucher system.

And Mr. Maseka expressed disappointment after observing that young farmers shun events like field days and only participate in agriculture during the distribution of subsidized inputs under FISP.

He said farmers should not just resurface when government begin to district inputs during farming season but regard agriculture as a viable business that can transform farmers lives positively.

Meanwhile, Chavuma Camp Agriculture Committee Chairperson Caiphas Kambungu appealed to government to consider sending a cooperative inspector who would give technical advice to cooperative societies in the district.


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