Mpika Diocese Priest Father Sefelino Chibesa, aged 38, has died in the capital city of Austria, Vienna.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany and Austria Anthony Mukwita said Father Chibesa was found dead in his hostel in a kneeling position.

Mr Mukwita said the family has been informed and arrangements for the repatriation of the body will be communicated soon.

He described the death of Father Chibesa as a loss to the small Zambian community in Austria, to the whole Zambian community in Germany and six other countries of extra accreditation, his family and the whole Zambian Catholic community.

Mr Mukwita said Father Chibesa dies at a tender age when his contribution to the spiritual development of the Zambian people and those that came under his influence were most needed.

“We know that even the Bible recognizes the importance of being a youth and how this stage in one’s life must be dedicated to the service of God and humanity. We call on the community in Austria and Mpika where the deceased served to take something away from his life and make it their own. Father Chibesa turned his life over to God when he was young – the best years of his life contrary to those that would want to waste their youthful days and only seek God’s face in the closing moments of their lives”, Ambassador Mukwita noted.

The death of the Catholic Priest was disclosed to the Zambian embassy by former Zambian police officer and now UN security official William Mubanga, who is also the Chairman of the association of Zambians in Austria.

Father Chibesa arrived in Vienna in April this year to further his studies in his priestly vocation.

He joined a few other Zambian priests that are currently undertaking similar studies in Austria.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by  first Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian embassy in Berlin, Kellys Kaunda.

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