Mpongwe District director of health Peter Mulenga has described the public response to COVID-19 mass screening and testing in the area as impressive.

Dr Mulenga says the district office was supplied with 400 COVID-19 test kits and had so far conducted 113 tests at Ibenga area and 77 tests at Mpongwe central area.

He noted that his office is hence awaiting results from the test samples collected so far.

ZANIS reports  Dr Mulenga in an interview with this morning said the mass screening and testing has continued in the district and is hopeful that the district would meet the targeted 400 test samples.

“At Mpongwe, despite the response starting on a slow note with 77 tests, we are hopeful that it will pick and people are probably just waking up, ” he said.

He disclosed that staff had taken advantage of market days taking place at Mpongwe central and ibenga to conduct the mass screening.

Meanwhile, a check by ZANIS, at Mpongwe central area found members of the public queuing up to have their samples collected by health personnel.

As part of its efforts to control and prevent the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, government has included mass screening and wearing of face masks against the global pandemic.

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