National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, Godfridah Sumaili is saddened that some clergymen in the country have taken a partisan stance on national matters.

Reverend Sumaili said instead of the clergy providing guidance to both the ruling and opposition political parties, they have taken sides.

She said it is sad that some members of the clergy are promoting hate speech which is detrimental to the peace of the nation and the church has remained quiet.

Speaking when she addressed clergymen from different denominations in Solwezi today, Reverend Sumaili said the church should play its expected role of uniting the nation and promoting peace, love and patriotism.

The minister said the country needs a peaceful environment in order to achieve the socio-economic transformation agenda, adding that the church and other stakeholders should play their role in promoting the agenda.

And Reverend Sumaili has called on the church to embrace the self-regulatory framework which she said will bring sanity in the way the church runs its affairs.

She said there must be order, transparency, good governance, ethics, values and principles which she said are important fundamentals for any organization.

Speaking on behalf of other clergymen, United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Northwestern presbytery Bishop, Moses Gondwe said the church will continue partnering with government in delivering social services to the people.

Bishop Gondwe said the clergy in the province will carefully scrutinize the draft document of the self-regulatory framework and contribute positively.

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