The Choma Municipal Council has reiterated that the ban on the use of rubbish pits in residential areas is still in force.

Choma Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Nachinga Simwanda warned that households flouting the ban risk being prosecuted.

Ms. Simwanda said the move by the local authority was meant to help tackle the problem of malaria disease in Choma, the capital of Southern Province.

She was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Choma today.

She explained that the council has entered into a public private partnership (PPP) with some waste management companies which will be collecting garbage in different parts of the town.

“All the residents are required to pay a monthly fee of K50 in order to have their garbage picked up from their yards every after two weeks,” she said.

The Assistant Public Relations Manager also disclosed that the local authority is mounting a door to door inspection in order to ensure that each household has a bin and is registered with the council.

Ms. Simwanda added that the council is also educating the residents on the importance of garbage collection adding that the exercise is so far yielding a positive response in some areas.

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