By Lewis Mwape

This morning I thought of addressing this form of worship!

Satanism is NOT a term you would find in any form of religious or Holy Books but it forms part of theology that simply means worshiping SATAN.

The word Satan appears 13 Times in the Holy Bible and about 88 times in the Holy Quran.

Satan is an entity in the Abrahamic Religions that seduces humans into sin.

In Christianity and Islamic, he is usually seen as a fallen Angel or a Jinni, who used to possess great piety and beauty, but rebelled against God, who nevertheless allows him temporary power over the fallen world and a host of demons.

The original Hebrew term Satan is a generic noun meaning “accuser” or “adversary”, which is used throughout the Hebrew Bible to refer to ordinary human adversaries, as well as a specific supernatural entity. The word is derived from a verb meaning primarily “to obstruct, or to oppose”.

SATANISM is part of the developed concept of “ISMS”

Many of Actions we see today in human beings are part of Satanism. We see people that seem to do RIGHT things are strongly being opposed by those parroting falsehoods. We must NOT wait to see SATAN with horns. This is SATANISM. This is the problem we have as human being today. We still have ugly images of SATAN. The SATAN has an attitude of opposing right thing and accusing brethren.  The FIC report TODAY suffers oppositions, obstructions and accusations which are direct definitions of the worship or faith of SATANISM.  Honestly, who is right between THIEVES and THE ONE who carries the light to expose THIEVES?  Why do YOU think that RIGHT is WRONG with SATAN? That is WHO SATAN IS?

One must WONDER as to why there must rise cadre of people in RIGHT frame of mind to FIGHT LIGHT, to Fight FIC report.

Corruption and Stealing of public funds indiscriminately belongs to the WORSHIP of SATANISM and any Leader who does NOT denounce STEALING is SATANIC.  A SATAN can receive as many Bibles as the World can produce but as long as he remains Corrupt, a Thief, a Killer of those citizens dying in hospitals, in public roads because Public Funds were diverted to personal use instead of buying medicines, building a hospital or repairing that road that has claimed many lives; building that school THEN the worship of SATANISM is with HIM and his Captains.

SATANISM is any form of DELIBERATE OPPONENT of the TRUTH or FAILURE or IGNORING to SUPPORT the TRUTH.  Any practice or ACTION that makes Evil Prevails OVER good is the Worship of SATANISM?

SATANISM has temporal Power and God allows it. It can be embedded in public systems that are strongly supportive of evil activities in public institutions by failing to function or carrying their rightful MANDATE.

SATANIC systems are generally oppressive and can operate oppressive legal system that are intended to secure and perpetuate power even without the mandate of people and JEHOVA God but under the leadership of Demons that take PRIDE IN SUFFERING OF GOD’S CHILDREN AND PEOPLE.

The main purpose of SATAN is killing! Satan will always wage WAR against the TRUTH! SATAN Loves and Cherishes POWER. He can kill over Power! He is Power Hungry and do anything to protect Power!

Finally brethren we must all do RIGHT THINGS in every little things that God has entrusted us with. We must ensure that we serve save God’s Children. Our activities must never oppress the poor and marginalised. That Judge who passes unfair Judgment to the poor will also be judged!

We must all live in Harmony with One another!


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