Government says it is working on establishing a sports data base in the country to provide a record of the country’s sporting history and achievements.

ZANIS Sports reports that National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) Secretary General Raphael Mulenga said government has already approached Smart Zambia to help establish a website where information can be deposited and accessed.

Mulenga said it is important to document all sporting history and achievements to help sport associations and athletes look back and learn from past experiences.

He said a few sports associations have since been identified to kick start the project due to their readiness to provide information easily before the programme is rolled out to the rest of the sports associations.

“We are actively working on establishing a sports data base, we want to have profiles of sports teams, players, coaches, achievements, records, everything so that people can easily access the information” said Mulenga.

The Sports Mother body chief said the sports data base can help improve the levels of sports development and performance.

Olympian Samuel Matete said the establishment of a sports data base in the country will help mainstream and scale up the development of sports especially athletics in the country.

The former 400 m hurdles World Champion said a sports data base will provide a reference point for talent identification, development and attainment of goals.

The retired track and field athlete said a data base will help know what has been done and achieved in various sports field which can be used as a source and point of reference to train and inspire budding athletes.

Matete said records help to know what targets and milestones have been achieved before and what can be learnt from them to help rising athletes to look up to for inspiration.

The Olympian said the country has produced great athletes such as Yotam Muleya but very little is known about his achievements and the medals won and what today’s generation of athlete can learn from him.

He said the absence of a sports data base poses the danger of the country creating first time champions when others could have won before.

Matete pointed out that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is the only sports association in the country that has historical records of sports achievements reflective at national, club and individual levels.

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