State House has received an official complaint from the Chinese government over the alleged victimization of the Chinese people living in Zambia based on falsehoods that  they have bought some government enterprises.

State House Spokesperson Amos Chanda told journalists at State House in Lusaka, that the Chinese government sent their envoy Li Jie with a message of regret to President Lungu over what seems to be xenophobic attacks on the Chinese people in Zambia.

ZANIS reports that Mr Chanda said the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia presented the message of regret over the ill treatment of the Chinese people to President Lungu at state house in Lusaka.

He said the Chinese government is disappointed with some people who are targeting its citizens based on falsehoods that they have bought ZAFFICO, ZNBC and ZESCO among other state enterprises which he dismissed at a total fabrication.

The President’s Special Aid for Press and Public Relations said the falsehood targeted on the Chinese has led to some of them to close their businesses and take long vacation leave in fear of the attacks.

He said the incident which happened on Copperbelt last week when it was alleged that the Chinese have bought ZAFFICO has not gone well with the Chinese people as they feel threatened that they may be targeted hence their decision to take vacation.

Mr Chanda said the Chinese envoy has indicated that none of the state enterprises have been bought by the Chinese government and wondered why some people are inciting people to react to falsehoods.

He said the Chinese government and its people are extremely offended by the xenophobic attacks on them.

Mr Chanda said the attacks on the Chinese is uncalled for as the country is a major beneficiary of the Chinese investment in the continent.

He said President Lungu has since assured the Chinese community and other nationals that they will be protected and their businesses as well.

Mr Chanda said the President has reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that investments of any nationals are safe.

He said the law enforcement agencies will not allow lawlessness in the country and warned that anyone who will perpetrate xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals should be dealt with.

And Mr Chanda has told the media that construction of the memorial museum for the 36 Chinese who died during the construction of the TAZARA will proceed in Chongwe district of Lusaka Province.

He said the President has sanctioned the construction of the museum in Chongwe which will symbolize the long standing friendship and cooperation between Zambia and China.

Mr Chanda said all the modalities to ensure that the memorial site is constructed without inconveniences have been put in place and the project will commence.

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