The Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection has launched three statutory Instruments on groundwater and boreholes, Licensing of drillers and the revised raw water fees and charges.

Minister of Water Development Sanitation and Environmental Protection Dennis Wanchinga said the Statutory Instruments will ensure the regulation of drilling and adherence to laid down standards pertaining to utilization of water sources.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Wanchinga stated that the SI on raw water prices is meant to ensure that the ministry provides efficient and effective management of water resources across all sectors.

He said the process of arriving at the new water tariffs and charges underwent wide stakeholder consultations with farmers, industries and the mining companies.

Mr. Wanchinga explained that the Statutory Instruments launched recognized fundamentals such as the identification of underground water as a public good being confined to surface water.

He also stated that the quality of water will be improved as the boreholes drilled will have value placed on them as it is a commodity.

Mr. Wanchinga further added that, the move will bring on board the need to license drillers as there has been public outcry on the lack of proper supervision among the drillers.

He said the issuance of the regulations marked a milestone in government’s resolve to achieve maximum benefits through efficient and effective utilization of water resources.

Mr. Wanchinga appealed to the business community for maximum cooperation in adherence to the standards set out in the Statutory Instruments in order for the country to accelerate the attainment of the country’s vision 2030 of ensuring 100 percent access to water.

And speaking at the same event, Drillers Association of Zambia Board Secretary Christopher Chilongo said the Statutory Instruments will bring sanity to the way drilling of boreholes is being undertaken in the country.

Mr. Chilongo stated that the move will contribute in promoting professionalism among drillers hence, bringing value to the coordination of the entire process.

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