“Now I know HH will never be president of this country!” David exclaimed as he changed the radio station he had been listening to on his radio by his kantemba (tuckshop).


It had just been announced on news that Sean Tembo, the leader of the political party, Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) had pulled out of the UPND led, opposition alliance. His reasons for pulling out was that UPND was big headed and was convinced they could win 2021 general elections without the help of other opposition parties. The previous day, Chishimba Kambwili, leader of NDC and another member of the opposition alliance had expressed disappointment with Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the UPND and biggest alliance partner.

“We have been telling you but you did not want to listen. HH is a selfish and arrogant leader and is not fit to lead this country. Zambia will be in trouble if HH was to become president but thank God, that will never happen because God loves this country too much. God will never allow that!” Bana Mercy, said authoritatively.

“I thought when people say HH was selfish and full of himself, it was just political exaggeration, but now, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt!” David added, visibly disappointed. “No, there is no way all alliances he has been involved in keep failing. How many vice presidents have left him since he became UPND President? You can’t tell me he is the alpha and omega who is always right and all these other people are bad?! No, it can’t be. It’s now clear who the problem is and it is no other than HH himself!” David continued.

“For me, I knew the man was selfish and pompous when he refused to be Sata’s deputy the time they had an alliance in 2006. Imagine, Sata had more MPs and was more popular than him, but yet ba HH wanted to be the presidential candidate for the PF/UPND alliance!” Bana Besa joined the conversation. “A person in his right mind would not have done that. That man does not have the right spirit at all. Do you know that if HH had agreed to be Sata’s deputy, he would be president of Zambia right now as we speak? Bana Besa continued.

“Yes, HH would be president of Zambia as we speak if he had only been humble enough to accept the reality at the time. But the man is just too pompous for nothing!”Bana Mercy, responded to Bana Besa. “You can’t tell me Dr. Canicius Banda was a bad person, but just look at how HH treated him. He treated him like a mop to just use and throw away!! That was after the guy had worked and sacrificed for UPND for years. HH is not a person I would trust this country with- never!! Nioyipa mutima mudala uja” Bana Mercy continued.

“When you think of it, there are things Canicius Banda was trying to communicate to Zambians and I don’t think we were listening properly. I am sure most of us were thinking the man was just speaking out of bitterness because he had not been picked as running mate to HH. But I remember he made two very serious statements that got me thinking. One statement he made was that he had always been trying to advise HH to involve God in his life or something to that effect. What do you think the good doc was trying to tell Zambians? Of course he was trying to communicate that God is absent in HH’s life!! Otherwise why else would he say that during a public interview?!” David asked. “The other thing Dr. Banda said was that he was worried about HH’s position that what was needed in Zambia was not democracy per say but some kind of ‘guided democracy’. Reading between the lines, Dr. Banda was simply saying HH favors dictatorship to democracy. Now, having a pompous person, whose belief in God is clearly doubtful and prefers dictatorship to democracy, is not something I want for this country. Nope!! Unless one wants people to rise up in this country” David concluded.

“Some people who have worked closely with HH report that the guy is very stingy. One guy claims that people in UPND have been duped into thinking that HH is so rich and single handedly funds UPND’s operations when the truth is, UPND is currently financed by well-wishers and not HH! In fact, it is reported that the top leadership in UPND are busy enjoying the money from financiers! Kikikikikiki” Bana Mercy laughed.

“I have heard that information before. Looks like actually, UPND seems to be making HH richer and not the other way round because the guy is really stingy and nobody in UPND can dispute that. ”Bana Besa agreed. “A number of people who are close to the action all say the same thing” She added.

“I guess that’s why he does not want anyone to challenge him for the presidency. The guy has lost 6 elections, has no message to convince Zambians but he wants to be life president of the UPND- why else, if it is not that he is making money from being president of UPND?” David joined in.

“Eheee, why else?!” Bana Mercy asked mockingly “He is enjoying money donated to the UPND and yet his blind supporters think he is funding the party. Mutima kuyipa. And I am sure it is a lot of money. If Edith Nawakwi with a small party doesn’t want to leave the presidency of FDD against the constitution of FDD, how much more money is UPND raking in? Kikikiki. Remember they are the biggest opposition party in the country!”

“Yah, it must be a lot of money they are enjoying,” David agreed. “That is why the guy doesn’t mind losing 10 elections as long as he is in charge of the millions from donors and UPND supporters…No wonder the UPND is not a serious opposition party”


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