National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili says the church should take advantage of Zambia being a Christian nation to reconcile her in times of need.

Reverend Sumaili says it is not too late for the church to preach about reconciliatory messages to enable God uplift the challenges faced in the nation.

She said the church must rise and shine by looking up to God for salvation.

The Minister was speaking in Chongwe today during the interdenominational church service held at Mount Zion.

And Rev. Sumaili says those that are opposed to the national dialogue are prophets of doom.

She said the majority who are interested in the national dialogue process are doing so to save the Zambian people as peace reigns and prevails through unity.

And speaking earlier, Apostle Kenworthy Gumbo of Manifest Presence appealed to the church to support government in addressing the challenges of  selfishness, nepotism, corruption , unemployment and poverty.

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