Government has said that it has not initiated a curfew and usual business activities must continue despite the country recording two cases of coronavirus.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya says there was no need for people to panic as government has put up measures to protect its citizens.

ZANIS reports that Ms Siliya was speaking in Lusaka today, during a joint press briefing with Ministers of Tourism, Local Government and housing.

Ms Siliya, the Petauke law maker, has also dismissed some social media comments alleging that government had imposed a curfew on citizens.

She has warned that the Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) is working in bringing to book people spreading falsehoods aimed at alarming the nation.

Ms Siliya stated that the effects of coronavirus had a huge impact on the economy of the country and that people must be careful with their comments.

And Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela says the country has lost huge sums of money as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus globally.

Mr Chitotela stated that tour operators in the country have suffered great losses as most of the trips has been cancelled.

He added that a total sum of $160,169.34 had been lost country wide due to the coronavirus effects.

He named Lusaka as the most badly hit by tourists visit cancellations with 17, 000, followed by Livingstone 6,143 and Eastern province with 500 bringing the number to 23,643 country wide.

Meanwhile, Local Government Minister Charles Banda has said Churches, Bars and Markets will not be closed as there was no lock down or curfew imposed on the citizens.

Dr Banda stated that as usual churches are allowed to congregate, but that they should reduce the number of hours and adhere to the health directives and guidelines.

The Minister stressed that Bars will also be opened in accordance with the regulations set on the licenses, but to reduce the number of operating hours as prescribed in their licenses.

Dr Banda said the Keep Markets Clean campaign launch was not meant to close down markets, but as an ongoing exercise.

He said the campaign will be happening every time in all districts and provinces country wide.

The Minister directed that all local authorities are supposed to spearhead the cleaning exercise in order to keep all surroundings clean.

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