Some Motorists in Chikankata District in Southern province have hailed government’s initiative of constructing Toll Gates in some selected parts of country.

Rick Kaamba said the establishment of these Toll Gates in the country will help greatly the nation raise the much needed revenue for the nation.

He said this yesterday that government should be supported for this vibrant project which is going to benefit Zambians.

And another road user Hurry Muyunda said the establishment of these Toll Gate facilities has come at alright time when Zambia is on dire need of revenue for the construction of toads and other economic ventures beneficial to the Nation .

Mr Muyunda said there are a lot of vehicles passing through these road facilities, the toll Gates whose main purpose is already yielding positive results.

Meanwhile, Cletus Muke encouraged government to continue constructing Toll Plazas in the nation.

He said those against the constructing of the vital facilities do not mean well for the nation because this is what happening world over.


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