A leading HIV/AIDS scientist and advocate says the world is almost close to finding a vaccine against HIV the virus that causes AIDS.

Professor Linda Bekker, the  immediate past president of the International AIDS Society (IAS),  says there are three major vaccines on trial and 10, 000 people have already enrolled worldwide.

Professor  Bekker says results so far from the trails been undertaken were encouraging and researchers are optimistic of the findings.

ZANIS reports from Kigali, Rwanda according  to the Professor , it is expected that results will be known by the year 2022, a development which will relieve the world population especially those burdened with the disease.

The renowned scientist was speaking to journalists sponsored by the International AIDS Society to cover the upcoming  2Oth International Conference on HIV/AIDS in Africa (ICASA) hosted by the government of Rwanda from December 2nd to 7th  2019.

“ There  are three types of vaccines which are on trial and are been closely monitored to stop the further spread of infections and the trails are taking place in selected countries in Africa and other parts of the world targeting different groups of people, “ she said.

Professor Bekker  has praised African countries for their  overwhelming participation in the trails an indication that the continent is eager to finding a lasting solution to the epidemic which has so far claimed many lives on the continent.

The scientist further disclosed that research was underway of coming up with an implant on the arm to protect one from getting the virus.

Professor Bekker said the implant which will  be inserted in the arm for either men and women can be placed for  over a period of one year.

“  The development will help especially protect  women who fail to negotiate for sex, “ Professor Gail said.

And Professor Bekker has cautioned against discriminating men who have sex with men from accessing health services.

She  said discriminating against such key populations will defeat efforts of preventing diseases among the public.

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