A Mansa based tax expert Emmanuel Musanje has observed that Luapula province will not benefit much from the availability of manganese in the region because of lack of a processing plant.

Mr. Musanje said the current situation where all the manganese mined in the province is exported in raw form will continue making it difficult for the region to benefit fully from the mineral resource.

He said at the moment, only a few local people engaged to mine manganese seem to benefit although the benefits are minimal.

Mr. Musanje told ZANIS that more jobs for the local people and other benefits can only be realised if a manganese processing plant is put in place in Luapula province.

He added that the benefits of a manganese processing plant extends to other minerals found in manganese as it is processed.

He said the manganese produced in the province is one of the best in the world and that it was important for the province to take advantage of this to maximise the benefits.

Mr. Musanje has since recommended partnerships between foreign investors and local manganese owners as opposed to the sale of mines as the best way to make local people benefit from their mineral resources.

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