By Lewis Mwape

Political Parties must indoctrinate members especially those intending to serve not only in political parties but also serving in public institutions like Parliament and Local Authorities.  You cannot move as far as a party candidate in a particular election and disown that party with impunity. It means that there is something more wrong with that particular candidate than even the political party disowned.

The act of destroying democracy also speaks volumes on what kind of leaders we are producing as a society who are ready not only to inflate the cost of public projects but also investing in soul winning through bribes. It is also sad to note that those entering politics are seemingly inspired by how easy it is to abuse public resources and institutions to hold on power.

Police Gone, Judicially Gone, National Assembly gone; – the birth of one party system in plural political system.

We are fast moving to a point where state institutions will be all corrupt and the only way to survive is to maintain a corrupt regime! There will be fear in many public institutions to let go a corrupt regime because to them it will be better than a Responsible regime that would make corruption and bribery punishable!

When respect for Rule of Law is subverted, the incumbent would lose elections and refuse to hand over power or import more votes in broad daylight and claim victory and this dangerous action will be supported by institutions that otherwise would defend the constitution and the Rule of Law! Which court will rule against the Mighty Regime? Which Police will defend the public interest over the Mighty Regime? Which military will stand up to defend the people rather than the Mighty Humble Leader?

Political Strategies vary from strategy to strategy and No one Political Party must be entirely be blamed for buying off Candidates from any political party. The first question is why should those candidates have a price tag on them and give themselves to highest bidders? Secondly where is patriotism of those candidates to the political parties where they applied to stand as candidates and leadership of those respective political parties who had vested trust and confidence in them!

But then why should a particular party go for adopted candidates? This question needs to be answered by our opposition political parties! The action does not necessarily reflect the strength of the party but the weakness and fear to face Strong opponents who are weak morally and materially.  This is the politics of Satan who goes to Jesus saying, if you bow before me, this kingdom you see will be yours!! Do we have people in our politics today, who will say -“Go Away Satan”?

Who is going to be trusted honestly when a doctor from a University can act as low as village ward  Councillor and disown the trust of a political party that he chooses to stand on for himself without any prior persuasion by party leadership?

How are the opposition political parties dealing with Risks of Candidate buy off by Another Political Party?

This strategy of buy off candidates is a dangerous political gimmick that must be dealt with squarely. While this is unpredictable, this places uncertainty in the opposition political parties in the way they would handle adoptions in future where all candidates shall be treated as potential candidates for last minute cross over!    If money and material gains for an individual shall be the determining factors over morality and integrity and above all the inspiration and aspirations to serve the people of the constituency where you come from must supersede any personal and selfish motivation. “Insoni Ebuntu”!

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