Zamtel in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Supply has launched a free call Centre service for the general public to report any suspected abuse of government motor vehicles, toll free.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta believes the development will help the ministry to control the abuse of government vehicles.

The new free call Centre has a capacity to handle over 45,000 calls compared to the current one which has a paltry 16,000 capacity. .

Speaking at the Zamtel Call Centre at the show grounds today, Mr. Mupeta explained that apart from the services the mobile provider is currently offering, the company is with the help of the ministry of works and supply going to build more digital services that would ensure that government vehicles are only used for the intended purpose.

He said,” real time management of transport will go a long way towards reducing costs towards reducing the GRZ fleet.”

And Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati said the call Centre of 3003 will go a long way in eliminating waste of public resources particularly to the misuse of government transport.

Speaking at the same Centre, the minister revealed that 2.1 billion kwacha has been spent in 2017 which is more than enough to replace the entire fleet of government on a yearly basis.

“At the moment government is sitting on over 12,000 motor vehicles hence the need to bring about regulation on the use of government vehicles, “said the minister.

The compliance levels, the minister said, will be increased by the involvement of members of the public whenever they observe abuse of the vehicles as the move will be a sustainable way of continued control of the use of government motor vehicles.

Mr. Mutati also disclosed that the number of civil servants who have applied and registered for competence and have been issued with competence certificates has increased to over 1000.

Furthermore, the minister  stated that over 120,000 kwacha has been collected for various fines and penalties for the offences committed while  over 500 motor vehicles were inspected and consequently impounded 112 a move he said has reduced levels of accidents by 60 percent in the country.

Mr. Mutati revealed that the difference compliance measures put in place has enabled K395 million to be saved which will be channeled to various deserving sectors.

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