Chongwe constituency member of parliament Japhen Mwakalombe has urged women and youths in Kanakantampa resettlement scheme to form cooperatives to access empowerment programmes.

Mr. Mwakalombe says people in the area will easily access empowerment programmes if they work as cooperatives which will in turn uplift their livelihood and promote social economic development in the resettlement area.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mwakalombe told residents of Kanakantapa today, where he distributed 100 bags of 12 by 5 kilograms of mealie meal to women who cleaned Kanakantapa clinic and police post under the food for work initiative.

He further stated that the upgrade of 50 kilometers of roads within the resettlement scheme should create employment for people who reside in the area.

Mr. Mwakalombe assured the residents that he will continue lobbying for development to reach everyone in Chongwe constituency including those who did not vote for him.

The Chongwe parliamentarian later inspected Kanakantapa police station and the works on the 50 kilometers Kanakantapa road project.

Meanwhile, Chongwe District Commissioner Robster Mwanza stated that government remains committed to taking development to all parts of Chongwe as evidenced with the upgrading of 50 kilometers of roads to bituminous standard in the resettlement scheme.

Mr. Mwanza also said the upgrade of Nkomeshya primary school to a secondary school by government is gratifying as the move will enable children in the area to easily attain secondary education which they could not access in the past because the resettlement had no secondary schools.

Speaking during the same event, Kanakantapa ward councilor Hildah Musopa stated that the area has benefited from Constituency Development Funds (CDF) which has been used to construct a Kanakantapa police station and drill a borehole at Kanakantapa rural health center.

Ms. Musopa commended government for partnering with the Korean government to facilitate the upgrade of Nkomeshya primary school to a secondary school.

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