The Patriotic Front in Kitwe have castigated former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili for insulting President Edgar Lungu on Social Media.

Reacting to a video circulating on social media where Mr Kambwili is insulting President Lungu, Mr Chilufya said Mr Kambwili should respect the president as he was elected by the people of Zambia.

“You can’t have somebody aspiring for the same office calling a fellow human being as a dog, it’s a serious offense, I hope the police has taken note of the video and will take appropriate action on Mr Kambwili,” Mr Chilufya charged.

He said there was need for politicians to respect each other and the office of the presidency as the president has the mandate of the Zambian people who voted him into office.

He wondered why Mr Kambwili was making an issue out of the President’s recent visit to India which was an invitation from his Indian counterpart.

 He said there are a lot of issues that, Mr Kambwili can talk about instead of insulting the President.

Mr Chilufya said he was aware that the country was going through a hard time due to the escalating mealie-meal prices but he explained that the people charged with the responsibility of curbing the situation are working on it, stating that very soon the situation will be normalized.

He urged Mr Kambwili to desist from using vulgar language if he wants people to respect him.

And the Patriotic Front in Kitwe have welcomed the deregistration of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Kitwe District PF chairman Evaristo Chilufya said the deregistration of NDC will stop Chishimba Kambwili from issuing insults against government since there will be no more NDC.

Mr Chilufya added that the deregistration of NDC also means less competitors to the ruling party.

He has since urged Mr Kambwili to sober up and re-join the patriotic party since he has been left with no party to cling to.

He said the PF was willing to embrace him back into the party if he repents and comes back.

And Mr Chilufya refuted allegations that the PF schemed the deregistration of NDC saying the decision was purely made by the registrar of Societies after verifying that there was something wrong with the party’s registration documents.

Yesterday, the Registrar of Societies deregistered the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on grounds that the party has no functioning constitution.

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