The Zambia National Education Coalition(ZANEC) says access to education for all is essential for the youths to take the lead in the country’s social and economic development.

ZANEC Executive Director George Hamusunga said youths need to be equipped with relevant education such as skills development and technology to ensure their critical contribution to the national development agenda.

ZANIS reports Mr. Hamusunga saying in the statement in Lusaka today that there is an urgent need to make tertiary education and skills development affordable for all the people.

He expressed his organization’s displeasure to see at least 800,000 youths that are out of school in the country.

“ZANEC is sad to note the high number of youths that are out of school in the country.

“ The number is almost 800,000 and this is unacceptable for a country that hopes to achieve any form of national development. Therefore, education has to be made a priority for Zambia to achieve the vision 2030,”he said.

Mr.Hamusunga pointed out that there is need to increase the budgetary allocation to the education and skills sectors in order to realize the aspirations of the vision 2030 and the Seventh National Development Plan.

He further urged the youths to engage in productive activities unlike the illicit accomplishments as they have the potential to ruin their lives.

This year’s youth Day is being cerebrated under the theme’ I take The Lead’.

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